Central cooling, photovoltaic systems, charging stations for e-cars and ventilation system with 4-stage waste heat concept – we try to make our contribution to climate protection and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Since settling in the Barthelmesaurach industrial park in 2006, saving resources through improved energy efficiency has been a top priority for WILAmed. Thus, the company already used capillary water for the air conditioning of the first construction phase, which is pumped from a depth of more than 70 m and returned to the same depth after use by means of a heat pump and heat exchanger. For the subsequent expansion in 2008, the company relied on geothermal energy and air-conditioned the entire production area using ground heat. The subsequent expansion by a further 25,000 cubic meters is air-conditioned using the particularly efficient ESSS system (Ecological Silent Sky Solution System).

Efficient air conditioning

To date, WILAmed has completely dispensed with the consumption of fossil fuels such as gas, petroleum, coal or wood and air-conditions the company premises with a total enclosed area of more than 7,000 m2 using an efficient energy mix of geothermal energy (approx. 15%), deep water (approx. 15%) and via the air-heat exchange system (approx. 70%). The electricity required for this is generated from a photovoltaic system with an annual output of around 150,000 kilowatt hours.

Our ventilation system with 4-stage waste heat concept helps to use the waste heat from the plastics processing machines in turn to heat the entire building. The central cooling of our machines is additionally supported by an installed free cooler. This is significantly more energy-efficient than if the cooling were purely electrical. The free cooler is particularly advantageous when the outside temperature is below 15°C. The following applies: the colder the air, the higher the energy consumption. The colder the temperature, the greater the energy savings, as the cold from the environment can be used to cool the process water.

In order to build up electric mobility on the land in a resource-friendly way and thus save as many greenhouse gas emissions as possible, two charging stations for electric cars and plug-in hybrids are available to every employee free of charge and at any time.

Our certificates

for environmentally friendly production

Clean Planet Program

WILAmed participates in Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program.

Deutsche Recycling

Our partner in the field of environment.


WILAmed was awarded “energy.efficiency.winner 2018.

WILAmed makes breathing easier – this guiding principle stands for a pollutant-free environment as a matter of course. As a leading international manufacturer in the field of artificial respiration, WILAmed demonstrates social responsibility and acts as a role model.

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