Respiratory humidification


Respiratory humidification

The extensively enhanced AIRcon Gen2 is one of the most advanced humidifiers currently available on the market. As a fully featured respiratory humidification system, the AIRcon Gen2 with its extensive range of accessories is worry-free and quick to install, ensuring safe operation.

Natural respiratory gas conditioning

Heating and purification of breathing gas

The breathing air is heated by many small blood vessels that cover the nasal and oral mucosa like a network. Nerve impulses regulate the amount of blood flowing through them like the body’s own heating system. Thus, the vessels are supplied with more blood when the air is cold (warming the respiratory gas) and less when the air is warm.

Our Solutions for You

AIRcon Gen2

The comprehensively enhanced AIRcon Gen2 respiratory humidifier has heralded the generation change at WILAmed and officially replaced the AIRcon Gen1 as of January 1, 2019. With a great deal of passion and innovative spirit, our engineers completely redesigned the inner workings to set new standards in patient comfort and therapy efficiency. The now inverse TFT display shows parameters such as alarm displays to their best advantage. The pictograms have also been given a modern design in a new color scheme.


The AIRcon respiratory gas humidifier combines modern technology and innovative design to form a successful unit. Ventilated patients are supplied with optimally conditioned breathing gas. The AIRcon humidifier meets all medical needs and economic expectations. With the AIRcon respiratory gas humidification system, a new overall concept is available that is suitable for all patient groups and covers many medical areas of application. Please note the following: This model has been superseded by our new AIRcon Gen2 humidifier as of January 1, 2019.


In acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is one of the preferred treatment methods. The success of NIV in combination with active humidification is reflected in the improvement of the patient’s well-being by facilitating breathing. The new AIRniva humidifier from WILAmed provides conditioned breathing gas to mechanically ventilated patients in a simple and safe way and helps to improve patient tolerability of NIV treatment.

Breathing sets

We do not use any solutions or chemicals. This means that our heated and unheated breathing sets are not only odorless, but also of high quality and absolutely environmentally friendly.

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