Breathing tubes and patient hose systems


Heated and unheated breathing sets

Our range includes a wide range of respiratory sets for a wide variety of applications. WILAmed’s heated and unheated breathing sets are suitable for the most common ventilation and therapy devices in invasive and non-invasive applications in the field of neonatology, pediatrics and adults.

Breathing sets unheated

We produce heated and unheated breathing sets for single-use or multi-use as single- or double-leg models. The use of safe materials, advanced manufacturing technology and demand- and patient-oriented production have made WILAmed a recognized manufacturer and supplier of breathing tubes. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, customer satisfaction and reliability have top priority. We demonstrate this to our customers on a daily basis, both at home and abroad. We always welcome requirements, suggestions and criticism, as this information helps us to adapt our products to changing wishes and needs.


  • Intensive care/emergency medicine
  • Surgery/Anesthesia
  • Ventilation/weaning
  • nCPAP/O2 therapy

The heated and unheated breathing sets are available for single-use as single- or double-leg versions. With our well thought-out range, we are able to meet almost any individual requirement: from temperature measurement to bacteria filters, valve sets, control lines, water traps, special connectors and other treatment-related components.

Double hose unheated

Breathing sets heated

WILAmed’s Coiled Heated Wire respiratory sets are for use with the AIRcon respiratory humidifier series (AIRCon Gen2) and compatible for the most common critical care ventilators.

The heated CHW breathing sets are available for:

ADULT patients (22 MM ID)
Pediatric patients (15 MM ID)


  • A coiled wire is longer than a straight wire that fits in the same space.
  • The CHW distributes heat evenly, reducing unheated sections inside the hose and minimizing potential failures in the system due to condensate.
  • This technique provides a higher humidifier delivery.
Breathing set heated with coiled heating wire (CHW)
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