Patient interfaces


Patient interfaces

Nasal oxygen insufflation administers heated breathing gas at a high flow rate through specially designed nasal cannulas. This form of oxygen delivery is called nasal high-flow oxygen therapy (NHFOT).

Precise oxygen metering

Even at high flow rates

WILAmed’s Nasal High-Flow Therapy (NHFT) provides maximum benefit for patients who require a high concentration of oxygen at a high flow rate, which is not achievable with conventional nasal cannulas. While low-flow therapy with nasal cannula is only for oxygenation, NHFT can additionally achieve a reduction of the CO2 level.

Our Solutions for You

Nasal cannulas

Nasal cannulas specifically designed for nasal high-flow oxygen therapy reduce anatomical dead space, increase alveolar oxygen concentration, improve oxygenation and facilitate breathing while reducing FiO2.

Ventura Total Full Face Masks

WILAmed’s Ventura Total Face Masks are designed and manufactured with patient comfort in mind. with the patient’s comfort in mind. They are quick and easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize.

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