WILAflow Elite


WILAflow Elite

The new generation of nCPAP ventilation for premature and newborn infants, the WILAflow Elite is a microprocessor-controlled, non-invasive ventilator for the smallest and most fragile patients with a variety of advanced non-invasive ventilation modes – including apnea wake-up and automatic leak compensation.

Fully automatic pressure setting

The WILAflow Elite sets the value for pressure control fully automatically.

Direct adjustment of the oxygen concentration

The WILAflow Elite uses electronic air/oxygen mixing technology that allows highly accurate adjustment of the required oxygen concentration at the touch of a button and automatically proportions the oxygen and air supply. The intelligent flow sensor and proportional valve allow real-time analysis of the selected ventilation parameters and oxygen concentration.

Precise oxygen concentration

The WILAflow Elite consistently delivers precise O2 concentrations at positive pressure, which contributes to better alveolar gas exchange and improves spontaneous breathing. The proven WILAflow CPAP generator also reduces the Work of Breathing (WOB) during inspiration and expiration.

Innovative control of gas and pressure supply

The control system was developed specifically with the protection of particularly sensitive patients in mind. It adjusts fresh gas delivery and airway pressure as needed. Proximal pressure monitoring (below the nose) and real-time leakage compensation enable stable pressure delivery. In the event of a leak, the gas is compensated in real time to maintain a stable positive airway pressure. The system can compensate for leakage – up to a maximum of 25%, making the WILAflow Elite one of the most advanced non-invasive ventilators on the market compared to conventional CPAP devices.

Safe ventilation weaning

The WILAflow Elite is equipped with SNIPPV / NIPPV, NCPAP and HFNC modes for safe ventilator weaning.

WILAflow Elite

Specially designed for non-invasive ventilation of premature or newborn infants. Safe and reliable.

WILAflow Elite enables proximal pressure monitoring without compromising mechanical dead space and compliance. The device provides consistently accurate measurement of patient airway pressure.

“Adequate humidification is important to keep airways clear, optimize ventilation and improve patient comfort.”

Active respiratory gas humidification –

essential in nCPAP therapy

The physiological functions of the nose and airways are to warm, humidify, and filter inhaled gases before they reach the lungs. During normal breathing, the nasal mucosa and upper airways provide 75% of the heat and moisture that is transmitted to the lower airways and alveoli. Before inhaled air reaches the alveoli, it is heated to 37°C and brought to a relative humidity of 100%. Although nCPAP therapy does not bypass the upper airways, the continuous high flow rates can dry out the airways, especially in neonates with underdeveloped lungs.

Optionally available respiration sensor

The abdominal respiratory sensor allows clinicians to monitor the patient for apneas/low respiratory rates in both nCPAP and biphasic modes. Accessories include the WILAflow Elite signal box and disposable respiratory sensor. In biphasic trigger mode, both provide monitoring of a patient-triggered respiratory rate.

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WILAflow Elite

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